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How to choose a Mobile Phone Network

I'm regularly asked about the best mobile network in a particular village or town. Unfortunately it's not quite as simple as one network being good and another being bad in a specific town, village or even street. You can't even assume that your reception will be the same as your neighbours.

Many people don't realise that there are only four UK mobile network providers (EE, Vodaphone, Three and O2) all the other networks piggyback off one of these four.

I advise people to try each of the four network providers in their house to see which one is best - either directly or through a network that piggybacks.

Ask your neighbours to pop around for a cup of tea with their mobile phone and also make the most of any tradespeople or visitors that come to your house and ask which network they are on and what the reception is like for them in your home.

Then go to and see which provider has the best tarrif and customer service before deciding which one to go with.

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