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To the Discerning Magician

Poppet Pendulums

My handmade poppet pendulums are now available to purchase worldwide in my Etsy shop at:


They are all approximately 30cm long including the chain and pentagram charm. (you can find individual details of each one in my shop) It took a lot of research to get a length that moves nicely and can be easily influenced (thanks to all who helped) I had more trouble getting them to stay still long enough to photograph to be honest!

The chains and charms are an antique bronzed coloured metal alloy and the eye hook for the small ones goes 6cm long into the poppet - These ones weren't specifically designed to be used with PK devices and I can't guarantee that they will react to all PK devices but I managed to get a good reaction using my PK r**g due to the eye hooks. The large pendulums have a large old rusty metal eyelet which also reacts well to a PK ring. The mouths on all of the poppet pendulums go all the way through from one face to the other face - the mouths on the larger pendulums are big enough to take a very small rolled up piece of paper for a reveal.

I love making commissions and would be more than happy to pop a neodymium magnet in the head, carve specific symbols, sigils, words or reveals on the poppets themselves or make the mouths larger on the smaller ones to take a small rolled up piece of paper or make them with shorter or longer chains. Please just message me via my shop.

They are handmade using CPC, a type of clay used by doll and puppet makers. It is non-toxic and the main ingredients are paper pulp and volcanic ash. This makes it unique to sculpt and provides for a lightweight, durable finished product. They are then coloured to give the effect of antiqued bone. Each piece is completely unique and is hand crafted by me in the wilds of Dorset If you have any questions about my work or individual pieces please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Now Open

My very small but perfectly formed card magic shop is now open:


1855  Sturminster Newton
Market Cross

Sturminster Newton
DT10 1AT


This is the same atmospheric location where I teach my beginners card magic workshops


My little card magic shop can be found on the top shelf of my RockTroll cabinet inside one of the walk in safes at 1855 Sturminster Newton.

(I like to think that Harry Houdini would approve of the location)


I stock a small selection of

Second Hand Card Magic Books
Phoenix Magicians Card Decks
Bicycle Gaffed Card Decks
Bicycle Coloured Decks
Specialist Magic Card Decks

If you are planning on visiting and would like some help or would like to see or share a few magic tricks during your visit please don't hesitate to get in touch.

For  details of my next beginners card magic workshop please go here

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